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Grebbestad is a “rocking,” cool town tucked into the coastal cliffs of Bohuslän, Sweden.


People have painted and carved rocks in this region for ages and that tradition carries on today with a fun twist – #GrebbestadRocks.


Hidden around town are small painted rocks for people to find… especially kids who are the most skilled at finding them. If you find a rock, congrats! Enjoy it for a while, keep it as a keepsake or hide it somewhere else to pass on the joy.  And if you can’t find any rocks, contribute to the effort and paint some rocks of your own, hide them around Grebbestad, post a photo to social media and tag #GrebbestadRocks.


Painting, hiding, and finding Grebbestad Rocks are all great family activities and a fun way to explore Grebbestad.  Kids can collect the rocks they find, bring unexpected joy to others by hiding rocks and share in the excitement by finding more rocks.


Go to @GrebbestadRocks on Instagram to learn more, and not only see photos of the amazing rocks already hidden around town, but also the amazing things that make the town of Grebbestad “Rock,” like:


Join the fun and Paint, Hide and Find some #GrebbestadRocks!


And enjoy exploring Grebbestad, the “rocking,” cool town tucked into the coastal cliffs of Bohuslän.


@GrebbestadRocks has been developed by Schaefer Solutions Group, which proudly calls Grebbestad its world headquarters.

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