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We Are Corporate Storytellers

Who Believe Your Story IS Your Strategy


Effective corporate storytelling is a strategic edge that fuels sales, fundraising, recruitment, retention, marketing, development… it transcends everything. And it empowers your best storytellers – your employees – to harness the power of a well-crafted corporate story to define your customers' reality, differentiate your marketplace position and resonate with partners and investors to directly impact your business.


Whether an established global company or an emerging start-up, one of the most-dynamic and cost-effective ways to elevate your business is effective communications –  To Make Your Story Your Strategy – and Schaefer Solutions Group can bring that story to life… because:

We Are Corporate Storytellers.


Our Story?

Schaefer Solutions Group empowers globally ambitious businesses by optimizing how they communicate their corporate strategy, aligning their team behind one authentic story and utilizing content creation to drive their business forward. We leverage our decades of corporate storytelling experience to develop that story and ensure it effectively reaches consumer or business-to-business focused audiences. We navigate the evolving global media and business landscapes of any market, especially the U.S., and work across industries, including technology, sports, media, entertainment, events, science, tourism, lifestyle products, SaaS, B2B platforms and sustainability.


Led by founder David Schaefer’s executive leadership forged at two of the most-respected global media powerhouses – NBC Sports and Discovery Communications – Schaefer Solutions Group has experience promoting a blend of consumer products, business-to-business services, disruptive technology and high-quality content. Schaefer Solutions Group offers world-class corporate communications solutions – from international corporations looking for added support to emerging start-ups who believe they have captured lightning in a bottle:

  • Corporate Communications Strategic Planning

  • Media Relations Campaigns and PR Activations

  • Content Marketing

  • Executive Writing and Editing Services

  • Spokesperson Preparation

  • “Story-selling” Business Development


Schaefer Solutions Group is based in the entrepreneurial hub of Sweden, where we mix our global perspective and American ingenuity with Scandinavia’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovation-rich culture. And our versatile expertise and global network of proven storytellers, creators and content creation experts can provide added scale to serve any client’s needs, anywhere around the world. No matter the size of the project, we will bring your company’s strategy to life, because:

Your Story IS Your Strategy.


David Schaefer

Chief Corporate Storyteller


After 20+ years of leading strategic communications at NBC Sports/Golf Channel and Discovery Communications, my entrepreneurial spirit has fueled my next adventure as part of the "YOLO" Economy. I'm leading Schaefer Solutions Group from Grebbestad, Sweden, just north of the Fjällbacka where my wife and I got married, as we pursue our You Only Live Once dream.



Contact me using the QR Code below or LinkedIn to arrange a "Zoom Fika" so I can learn more about your corporate story.

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